About Our Family

In 2014 we had this crazy idea to move out of the city! We built a home in a place called, “New Harmony.”  So far, we have proven to be amateur homesteaders. We aspire to grow & raise a majority of our own food, teach our children to value hard work, and to give them a healthy start at life. A huge motivation for us is our son Blake, who has been diagnosed with a rare chronic Kidney Disease as well as Auto Immune Disorder. Blake also struggles heavily with allergies. We are getting back to the basics, to save Blake’s life and hopefully find our New Harmony.

My husband owns an audiology business. The minute he walks in the door in the evening he is bombarded with 5 boys who love his attention. It can get a little wild, if you can imagine! As a family, we enjoy spending time together outdoors. Whether it is hiking, camping, gardening, doing projects, or playing sports.