I cannot stuff this blog into one category. I will share our life with you and whatever that entails.

Blake’s story. Our journey to save his life. What we have discovered along the way. 

When medical doctors told us of our sons rare health challenges, they also warned us that there is no cure. There was nothing we could do but wait for his body to fail him. That was the moment we knew we had to try! We had to do something. I will share our up’s and down’s that came with transforming into a healthy lifestyle. We invite you on our crazy en-devours.

Whether you or a loved one is sick, you are NOT ALONE. I want you to know that there is HOPE. We can get BACK TO THE BASICS. We can RAISE HEALTHY FAMILIES.

I think it is critical for you to understand that I am not here to diagnose you, I am not a doctor. But I will share with you our truth and experience. I am hopeful it will help you in your own journey.

Key Topics:

Kidney Disease. Auto Immune. Lifestyle. Elimination Diet. Parenting. Homestead. Garden. Fitness. Recipes. Tears. Joy. Change. Love. Finding health.

PS. Oh and I like to make my husband do projects!!

In starting this blog I had goals in mind:

  1. Document Blake’s story

  2. Provide lifestyle tips and hopefully laughter as our busy family attempts modern homesteading! Eeeekk!

  3. Inspire families to make a change in their own life

  4. Build a community of support for those suffering with similar illness’s(help others find a piece to their puzzle)